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ER Browne is a niche law firm offering a specialised range of legal services. Our dedicated team are well versed in the legal principles pertaining to their chosen field of practice. Notably, we offer a high standard of service across an array of legal disciplines. From property transactions to the recovery of institutional debts, the focused departments within ER Browne have it under control.

Legal services we offer

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Property & Tax Guide

Property law and conveyancing

ER Browne has a highly qualified and specialised conveyancing department. Our local conveyancing department will handle the entire property registration process from the negotiation, drafting and signing of the deed of sale to the lodgement and registration of transfer of the property. Our agency conveyancing department will assist you with meticulous pre-lodgement examination and oversight of all matters up to registration. Our team work tirelessly to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

Our conveyancing services include:

  • Local property sales and transfers
  • Farm sales and transfers
  • Agency conveyancing including inter-provincial conveyancing
  • Registration of mortgage bonds
  • Cancellation of existing bonds
  • Sectional title schemes (new and existing)
  • Mini sub developments
  • Township developments
  • Obtaining tax and legal opinions
  • Residential and commercial property developments
  • Drafting of agreements of sale for residential, commercial, sectional schemes and agricultural land
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Our commercial department focuses on providing expert assistance in niche aspects of commercial transactions. We aim to understand your business and provide you with the solutions you need to enable you to get on with it.

Our commercial services include:

  • Drafting general commercial agreements
  • Giving company law advice
  • Company secretarial services
  • Drafting share purchase and shareholder agreements
  • Obtaining tax advice/opinions
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Our litigation team are well versed in the enforcement of legal rights through the judicial process. This includes the tenacious management of a wide range of litigious matters through a variety of legal forums. From recoveries to matrimonial litigation to the enforcement of contractual rights, we strive to resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

Our litigation services include:

  • Magistrates’ and High Court litigation
  • Family law
  • Correspondent litigation
  • Claims against the Road Accident Fund
  • Bank foreclosures and recoveries in general
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At ER Browne, we offer assistance with the structuring of an individual’s affairs, through to the interpretation of wills and estate related matters. Moreover, our qualified team ensures that such matters are provided an effective and strategic solution that will protect your assets. The ER Browne team understand the intricacies associated with work pertaining to Estates and Trusts. Hence, the department deal with such matters in a sensitive, but professional fashion. 

Our estates services include:

  • Drafting Wills
  • Executorships
  • Administration of estates
  • Estate planning
  • Safe custody storage
  • Drafting and registering trusts
  • Obtaining tax advice/opinions
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Our services in this highly specialised field include the drawing, attesting and registration of antenuptial contracts, notarial bonds and servitudes.