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ER Browne has a rich history intertwined within the South Afican legal industry, dating back to 1944. The ER Browne family business has adapted, changed and existed alongside decades of change and progression – specifically within law in South Africa. 

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The Browne family name boasts a long standing history within South Africa’s legal industry, and is therefore a well recognised firm. In 1944, Teddy Browne, aged 30, started up his own law firm, with its roots in Durban Central. Teddy was South Africa’s youngest senator, and established a firm that now enjoys a renound legacy. Teddy’s 5 sons all practised law at the family firm.

Our services


At ER Browne we aim to provide reliable, affordable and strategic legal solutions for every matter we handle. The ER Browne team includes an array of legal expertise boasting extensive experience across a wide range of legal disciplines. As a result, we are able to oer legal services that address the specific individual needs of our clients.

The ER Browne staff are an intimate team who believe in a hands-on approach. Consequently, we strive to be available to our clients throughout their legal journey with us. We find that better solutions grow from open communication, willing collaboration, and on-going discussions. We therefore work tirelessly to accommodate an environment that supports innovative and personalised legal solutions for our clients. Above all the ER Browne team strives to assist its clients with as effectively, affordably and professionally as possible.